Product Lines
FlexTop™Eclipse™ and Slik™ for popular pipettors.
ZAP™ and ZAP™Slik tips for most popular pipettors.
Eclipse™ Eclipse™UNO™ and Pagoda™ Earth Friendly® Refill systems.
APT™ Tips for automated workstations.
TSS™ systems for workstations.
SuperClear™ high speed, PerformR™, and Large tubes.
SuperClear™ and SuperSpin™ snap top and screw cap tubes.
UrineTime™II, C-Pette™ and Tip Top® lab essentials.
PurePlus™PCR thermocycling and library storage tubes.
SuperClear™ culture tubes for most lab uses.
Racks and Freezer storage.
Custom products for unique applications.