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Real Performance. Real Tubes

We designed our SuperClear® centrifuge tubes to successfully meet your needs every time you use them. We test every lot of these tubes at a much higher g-force than we rate them to ensure that you can spin them safely. Our quality control team tests the seals with chloroform. So these don't just look like centrifuge tubes, they really are.

SuperClear® tubes are not only better when you use them, the process used to make them is better, helping reduce their environmental and social footprint. Patented.
  • Real World Lab Tested

    Labcon SuperClear® Tubes are developed using our own in-house laboratory and tested in real labs. We don't use gauges or other unrealistic testing methods.

  • Quality Certification

    Certificates are on file with us by lot number for all test results and available from the certificates page.

  • Virgin Resin

    Only 100% Medical Grade polypropylene resins are used in SuperClear® Tubes. No recycled plastics or commodity grade resins.

  • Autoclavable

    SuperClear® Centrifuge Tubes are autoclavable with a standard 122°C plasticware process for 20 minutes.

  • Freezable

    SuperClear® Centrifuge Tubes can be used for frozen storage to -80°C.

  • FDA Registered Manufacturing

    Labcon is the only major supplier in our industry to be registered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  • Validated Sterile Product

    All SuperClear® sterile tubes receive a validated irradiation dose following ISO 11137 requirements and have packaging approved for medical use.

  • Test Results Online

    Actual test certificates are available on SuperClear® tubes for download from the certificates download page.

  • Sustainable Product Design

    Like all Labcon products SuperClear® tubes are designed from the beginning with sustainability in mind. Our products go far beyond simple recycling to offer real Earth Friendly® solutions.

SuperClear Centrifuge Tube Features

SuperClear® tubes have unique features giving you more value and making your lab work easier and more productive.


Labcon SuperClear® tubes with clear non-cytotoxic medical grade resin let you see sample volume and color easily.

SuperClear® tubes include our Patented writing surfaces. This helps reduce smearing and protects your writing when you store or centrifuge these tubes. We also print each tube with our copyright trademark graphics for ease of reading.

Only Labcon SuperClear® centrifuge tubes with flat caps are available with an integral molded-in sealing ring for unsurpassed sealing capability.

SuperClear® tubes have thicker walls than other brands so you can be sure your sample is safe to 20,000 x RCF

Watch a short video about SuperClear® tubes and their special features.

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