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 SuperClear® Cap Options
SuperClear® caps feature precise vertical ridges for “easy grip” ergonomic handling, even with gloves. The low profile cap design allows for tubes to be easily stored in racks without overcrowding. Caps are autoclavable, as long as they are attached to tubes.
Available in two styles:
  SuperClear® flat caps are leak-resistant and keep your sample secure while using a vortexer or rocker.
 Vertical ridges for easy gripping
  Molded-in elastomeric sealing ring
 FLAT CAP: offers unsurpassed sealing. Both 15mL and 50mL flat caps include an integral molded-in elastomeric sealing ring that eliminates leaking. With their smooth surface, flat style caps can be easily labeled and are designed to produce an evaporation proof seal with a 3⁄4 turn for one-handed operation plus a final 1⁄4 turn to seal them liquid tight.
PLUG CAPS: offers a secure seal for extended storage. Plug caps do not include elastomeric sealing ring, but still feature a very deep sealing area.

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