Maximize Renewable Content

Labcon is committed to on-site energy production in addion to sourcing renewables. Unlike many others Labcon does not purchase or promote the use of renewable energy credits.

With continued improvement to Labcon’s design and manufacturing facility in Petaluma, California, the energy content to produce a case of product has been reduced by nearly 60% since 2000.
  • On Site Solar Array

    870 kW rooftop solar panels produce one third of our power needs.

  • Advanced Cooling

    Our advanced closed loop cooling system for molding machine water uses significantly less energy than other methods.

  • Electron Beam Sterilization

    500 meters away at our 3200 Lakeville property our Ebeam (Beta) radiation sterilizer processes our products using less overall energy than Cobalt (Gamma) sterilization and requires no radiactive materials.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Connected to our solar array we have four dedicated electric vehicle charging spaces.

Energy Usage

On Site Solar

An 800 kW roof-top solar system installed in 2011 was expanded with another 70 kW in late 2013 and now produces a full 30% of Labcon’s electricity needs on-site.

Total Renewables

Total renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and small hydro-electric now makes up 61% of Labcon’s 2019 energy profile (on-site solar plus purchased electricity). The goal is to operate with 65% renewable energy by 2020.

2020 Renewable Energy Goal

Our 2020 goal is to operate with 65% renewable energy. In 2019 we are operating with 61% total renewables (on-site solar plus purchased electricity from renewable sources).

View a short video about the steps we have taken to reduce our energy use.

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Founded in the San Francisco bay area in 1959, we employ an educated, experienced, and diverse staff. Our primary operations are centered in a 12,000 square meter facility in Petaluma, California, U.S.A


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