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Our Earth Friendly Commitment

Long before anyone in our industry was talking about their commitment to the environment and began polishing their green credentials. Labcon understood the meaning of sustainable solutions.


Our impact and ability to influence the quality of life in our world.


How we use resources and the choices we make to improve our shared ecology.


The way we bring social equity to our community and impact peoples lives.

At Labcon we have embraced the concepts of Sustainable Development as a part of our corporate culture. We have formed partnerships with end users and customers that share our vision of sustainability to better understand what we can do to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of what we take, what we make, and what we waste. We have also committed to developing products that look toward sustainability for their inspiration at the same time that they achieve the high performance characteristics that you need.

In 2012 Labcon joined a family of organizations that are committed to improving the quality of life on the planet by joining Business for Social Responsibility. BSR is a global nonprofit organization that works with its network of more than 250 member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world.

In 2019 Labcon became the first company in our market to register our products to the ACT environmental factor label. This independently audited and registered labeling system allows users of our products to more adequately assess the impact of the products they use. This label is now available on dozens of Labcon products and provides a transparent view of our product offering when compared to others.

The beginning

Earth Friendly

When we developed our patented fiber racks for 15 and 50mL tubes in 1994 we didn't have the term Sustainable Development to use so we came up with Earth Friendly®. Now Earth Friendly® is a registered trade mark of Labcon, North America and incorporates all we know about Sustainability. Our next steps were to continue to innovate products with reduced consumption like the Pagoda® pipet tip reloading system, the first of its kind. We moved on to design a micro centrifuge tube that uses half the plastic of other tubes the SuperClear®. We also invested in a solvent-free system to print 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes so that there are no volatile organic compounds (VOC) vented to the atmosphere. This continous process improvement set the tone for the company and our later commitment to sustainable development.

Solar Power
Expanded awareness


In 2010 our understanding of sustainability led us to make one of the biggest investments in company history. We commited to install an 800kw rooftop solar array. That system, when completed, would supply almost one third of the power consumed by Labcon. When this solar array went operational in mid 2011 it provided about 30% of the energy needed to produce Labcon products. In 2013 we increased the number of panels to raise our solar power production to 873kw and 33% of our energy consumption. Today, you can see Labcon products carry the "Made with Solar Power™" trademark.

Solar Power

Sustainability at Labcon

Product Design

Our innovative approach to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle includes elements of eco-efficiency.

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We work to increase efficiency and eliminate waste in production while maintaining quality.

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Reduced energy use in our processes with our on-site solar while we maximize overall renewable content.

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We are working to minimize overall emissions of air, water and other hazardous pollutants.

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Green in a Plastic World

Reduced Emissions Equivalents

To date our 870kW solar array has prevented 7,234 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.
We have reduced our carbon footprint in some of the ways below.


Mature trees grown


Kg Coal not burned


Km not driven


Kg Garbage Recycled

The Products

You can see our commitment to Sustainablity and our Earth Friendly® culture in our products.
Click on the images below to visit the products we make that demonstrate our environmental focus.

Reports and Resources

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