Obtaining Quality Certifications

Certifications for Quality System Compliance, RNase/DNase (Nuclease Activity), Endotoxin (Non-pyrogenic), Human DNA, Protease, ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate), Sterility (Valid Medical Grade), Trace Metals (1ppm USP Method), Ultra Low Metals (1ppb ICP Method), IATA 95kPa, Latex Free, USP Class VI, U.S. FDA CFR21, CO₂ Resistance, BSE/TSE, RoHS, REACH, Oleamide and DiHEMDA, California Safe Drinking Water and Toxics Enforcement Act (Prop 65), ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and CE Conformity are available.

Certificates are available online for Labcon branded products. If you purchased Labcon manufactured products from a Distributor or a Private Label supplier please inquire with your seller for certificates.

Quality Certificates Request

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