What is the
ACT® Label?

The elimination of green-washing

The ACT label is the premier eco-nutrition label for laboratory products. Created by the independent non-profit organization My Green Lab, the ACT label is designed to help laboratories make smart, sustainable product choices based on environmental impact scores. By emphasizing Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life, ACT-labeled products offer laboratories the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact by making smarter purchases, with clear, third-party verified information.

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What are ACT® labeled products?

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ACT-labeled products undergo an extensive 2- 6 month assessment to certify sustainable product attributes, assign product rating scores, and publish digital product labels that provide a transparent look at the product’s manufacturing process and the manufacturer’s environmental initiatives. The product labels are not found on the product, but are published in an online database.

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Labcon offers the largest collection of sustainable laboratory products in the entire ACT database of consumables manufacturers. With over 600 ACT-certified laboratory products offered in the US, EU, and UK, Labcon also received industry-leading ACT scores and currently holds the lowest Environmental Impact Factor (EIF) score of all the ACT-evaluated consumables worldwide.

How do I read the ACT label?

Categories on the ACT label include Manufacturing, User Impact, End of Life, and Innovation. These categories are rated on a scale of 1-10 by independent auditors. For a final Environmenal Impact Factor (EIF) score, the category ratings are added together. The lower the score, the lower the impact on the environment. Labcon’s scores include a 1 in Manufacturing Impact, the lowest possible score, reflecting our continuous commitment to sustainability!

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How sustainable are your laboratory products?


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