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Our Story

Building an Earth Friendly Company

Labcon North America was founded in Marin County, California in 1959. Our original name was Ways and Means, Inc. The name given to the company then reflected the newness of the plastics industry. We were founded to literally find the "Ways and Means" to make plastic products. We made several small toys, vials for salt tablets, contact lense cases, cassette tape cartridges, and cigarette filter holders.

Now over 59 years later we have grown to supply more than 1000 products to labs all over the world. We make more than a billion products every year. In the early days Labcon focused on innovative disposable plastics and combined them with the highest levels of quality and service. Labcon developed the first hinged pipet tip rack in 1985. This focus helped Labcon grow at a time when the use of disposables exploded over fears of contamination from even the most minute traces of chemicals left over from the washing of glassware.

Although Labcon is a major supplier of disposable products to laboratories, there had been growing concern inside and outside the company that disposable plastics are too wasteful. From this understanding Labcon in 1995 began to develop products that were unlike anything else the laboratory industry had seen. These innovative products incorporated concepts of "eco-efficiency" using less packaging, recycled plastics, and refillable packages. Many of these new products have won patents and become market leaders. A particularly good example is the Pagoda® and Eclipse® pipet tip reloading systems. These products eliminates 90% of the packaging and waste in typical products of their kind and have spawned a multitude of imitations. The patented Pagoda® system has been a very visible product and has led Labcon into partnerships with several companies to develop even more sustainable solutions for consumable labware.

At the same time that Labcon was working to eliminate waste in the general laboratory many laboratories began to increase their use of robotics. More automated processing, and High Throughput Screening (HTS), consumes labware and generates waste at astonishing rates. Labcon has responded by manufacturing a line of robotics to deliver unique reduced waste labware. These low waste products; both standard and robotic, are marketed under our Earth Friendly® banner.

In 2019 Labcon became the first manufacturer of our product range to be registered with ACT environmental factor labeling. This independently audited environmental labeling system further reinforces Labcon's commmitment to sustainable solutions throughout our operations.

Made in USA

All Labcon products are designed & manufactured in California under U.S. labor standards.


Our commitment to sustainability and Earth Friendly products began in 1995.

On Site Lab

We built our own laboratory in 1996 to better understand the needs of customers.

Social Responsibility

We have been a member company of Business for Social Responsibility since 2012.

Consistent Quality

Labcon has been registered to ISO 9001 since 1997 and is an FDA registered company.


We were founded in 1959 in Sausalito, California to manufacture precision plastics.

Our History

Since 1959 Labcon has provided innovative solutions to laboratories world-wide.

See some of the highlights of Labcon history below.

ACT Label Certification

Labcon products are certified to the ACT environmental label in 2019.


Termperature Sensing

Labcon introduced Patent Pending tubes that signal temperature changes in 2019.

New Distribution Center

Labcon expands to new site of warehouse and distribution center in 2018.

Supplier of the Year

Avantor-VWR recognizes Labcon as "Supplier of the Year" for efforts in 2017.

Tubes for Dry Ice Use

Labcon introduced first tubes designed to prevent pH changes from CO2 in 2017.

Golden Arrow Award

Labcon wins Golden Arrow award for environmental sustainabiliy in 2017.

New Sterilization Site

Labcon purchases 9.78 Acre property for expansion and sterilization location in 2015.

VWR Supplier of 2013

Labcon is awarded the VWR Supplier of the Year award for 2013.

Analitica 2013

Labcon exhibits in South America for the first time at Analitica 2013 in Sao Paulo.

Solar Power

Labcon installs rooftop solar power array producing 30% of power needs in 2011.

Presidential Award

Labcon wins United States Presidential Export Award presented in 2011.

Arablab 2010

Labcon exhibits for the first time in Middle East at Arablab 2010 conference in Dubai.

Analytica India 2009

Labcon exhibits in India for the first time at Analytica India In Hyderbad in 2009.

First Compostables

Labcon introduces use of compostable components in labware in 2009.

50 Year Anniversary

In 2009 celebrated 50 years of business with a party at Petaluma facility.

Moved to Petaluma

Relocated in 2003 to a larger modern facility in Petaluma, California.

ISO 9001 Registration

Registered to ISO 9001 quality management system standard in 1997.

Built the First Laboratory

We built the first in-house laboratory for microbiology testing in 1996.

Pagoda Introduced

Pagoda tip reloading system introduced to reduce waste 90% in 1996.

First Hinged Rack

Invented first 96 tip pipet tip rack with hinged cover and autoclavable rack in 1988.

First Pipet Tips

Began making pipet tips under the LABCON brand in 1972 and expanded private labels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and overall value. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Labcon North America is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Helena Laboratories of Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A. As a privately held corporation Helena Laboratories does not disclose financial results.

Our California Heritage

Located in the San Francisco bay area, we enjoy a diverse, educated, and experienced staff of about 200 people. Our primary operations are centered in a 125,000 square foot (11,600 square meter) facility in Petaluma, California, U.S.A. We develop, prototype, and test our products to work in labs all over the world. We built our own "in-house" research laboratory in 1996 to help us better understand the uses for our products. This lab has all the same equipment our end users have in their labs and can duplicate the conditions found most commonly in the lab and in procedures. We were first in our industry to make this commitment, one that makes products from Labcon more than just disposables. This kind of innovation continues today as we move ahead into an era of carbon footprint reduction. Our original facility shown at left was located in San Rafael, California. We relocated to a new larger site in Petaluma, California in 2003. This move allowed us to better focus all our operations into a more modern structure with better logistics for our customers. We also had expanded space for improved an lab and offices.

About Us

Founded in the San Francisco bay area in 1959, we employ an educated, experienced, and diverse staff. Our primary operations are centered in a 12,000 square meter facility in Petaluma, California, U.S.A


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